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Quite often it’s the little moments that happen away from the days formalities where laughs are shared, tears are shed and memories that we most cherish are formed. It’s the fleeting moments amongst the craziness of a day that goes by in an awesome flash that really help to paint a picture bigger than that one day, because that’s where as an observer I get to see human connections, personalities, telling details and discrete interactions, away from the limelight of what is probably to date, the most important moment of your lives together, your commitment to your best mate in front of all of the people who mean the most to you in the world.

Newlyweds holding hands reflecting in water at sunset


The story of one of the most important days of your life. Natural and relaxed with half or full day options available to suit whatever you have planned.  Have a look over on my Pricing Page for more information on coverage options or get in touch if your plans are a little more bespoke.

Wedding album by Blue Mountains wedding photographer Joshua Witheford


A collection of fine art albums are now available. Offering more than just peace of mind for your photos’ future preservation, these are heirlooms that afford you the joy that comes with looking back at a physical album of an important moment in your lives, remembering and sharing with family.

Couple at Palm beach playing in water


There are a plethora of benefits to having an engagement photo shoot, save the dates, becoming comfortable in front of the camera, getting to know your photographer.  But I think that more importantly than anything else, they will give you and your fiancé beautiful photo’s together to look back on and remember an often overshadowed but really important time in your life, your engagement!

Giraffe watching newly married bride and groom at Taronga zoo by Blue Mountains wedding photographer Joshua Witheford


Whether your special day is out of town, interstate or abroad, I'll be there to tell the story of your day just the way you want it. Find out more about destination weddings and travel in my FAQs Page.