Joshua Witheford

Because timing is everything


Every wedding day is unique, though there are a few constants. One is the time it generally takes to photograph all of the different bits and pieces that make up a part of your day, so have a look over the sample timeline below, it shows how long to allow for key parts of your day and gives a rough guide to time allocations for different periods. Obviously the times themselves may differ and your travel times between venues will vary, so simply add in your own and remember that each time I travel from one venue to another to allow a little time for traffic, parking & walking to and from the car etc.

If you’re at all unsure about the best coverage option for your day, let me know, I’d be more than happy to run through your timeline and options with you. Ultimately, no matter how long we’re together on the day, we’re going to have a lot of fun and you’ll have amazing photos to remember your day by!

Groom detail.jpg

12:30PM - Partner 1 Preparation (1-1.5 hours)

00-05 mins: Greetings, unpack
05-10 mins: Photos of details
10-15 mins: Candid photos
10-15 mins: Getting ready
10-15 mins: Portraits
00-05 mins: Pack up

bride putting necklace on.jpg

01:30PM - Travel between venues

02:00PM - PARTNER 2 Preparation (1.5 - 2 hours)

00-05 mins: Greetings, unpack
05-15 mins: Photos of details
10-20 mins: Candid photos
10-20 mins: Getting ready
15-30 mins: Portraits
00-05 mins: Pack up


Josh made everything super fun and relaxing, and from the first moment we met him we felt at ease! 


03:30PM - Travel between Venues

04:00PM - Ceremony (30-45 mins)

04:30PM - SOCIAL, group & family pHOTOs (30 mins)


05:00PM - Bridal party & Newlywed photos (1 hour)

05-10 mins: Allow some time to walk between different locations
10-20 mins: Bridal party photos3
0-40 mins: Newlywed photos

Bride and groom first dance at Worrowing Estate wedding

06:15PM - Reception (2-5 HOURS)

11:00PM - Reception ends/ Newlywed farewell