Q: Why do you photograph weddings?

A: I love that I'm creating photos for people that tell a story of an important day in their life that will be cherished for years to come. The photos I produce become more than just photos, they're an album of memories that will be looked back on and shared, possibly for generations to come, and I think that is super cool. Secondly and a little bit selfishly, I have an enormous amount of fun with my couples, and isn't that what it's all about? Find out more on my About page.

Q: Can we book you for a period outside of the times listed under your packages?

Absolutely you can! I offer standard periods of coverage which you can see on my Pricing Page, or I can send you a quote if your wedding is a little more bespoke.

Q: Have you shot at our venue before?

A: I have shot at 20 different venues in the last year alone, so there is a chance I’ve photographed yours. Though, every venue was new once, so if I haven’t, it’s not something to fear. In fact, new venues offer a wedding photographer fresh scenery and new opportunities, it’s exciting to get to visit somewhere new and often produces some of my best work! Embrace it!

Q: Is it possible to have more than one photographer?

A: As a general rule I don’t shoot with a second photographer, which means I get to fully immerse myself in your day, mingling with guests and keeping an eye out for moments that might seem insignificant now, though will help to create a complete story of your day, instead of huddling in a corner geeking out over camera settings with another photographer. Some occasions call for it though, maybe bride and groom prep are just too far apart for me to get between them, or you’re having a really big wedding with hundreds of guests and moments would be missed with only a single photographer. In these instances, it’s definitely possible to organise a 2nd or 3rd photographer. The minimum booking for additional photographers is 3 hours.

Q: Who is the second photographer?

A: When needed, I work with a small number of photographers through the year, each a wedding photographer themselves. Who will be second shooting your wedding with me on the day will depend on each persons availability.

Q: Can we show you a Pinterest board with photos that we would like?

A: Yes, you may. And while I’ll make every effort to accommodate specific shots or types of shots from your board on the day, I can’t offer any guarantee that we will be able to get them all and working to a list of images will tend to distract me from keeping an eye out for the spontaneous moments of magic that happen through the day. This is why it’s important to have a clear idea of your photographers style before contracting them to document your day. Do you love what they do? Have a look over at some of my Recent Weddings to see my work.

Q: Our wedding is interstate or overseas, are you available to travel?

A: Absolutely! While I’m based in the Blue Mountains, I work with couples right throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Q: Do you offer Albums or Prints with your packages?

A: I sure do, head on over to my Pricing page for more information on wedding albums.

Bride and groom photo on the steps of Taronga Zoo by Blue Mountains wedding photographer Joshua Witheford


Q: How long should we allow for photographic coverage on the day?

A: Every wedding day is different, so get in touch and I’d be super happy to help you figure out the most suitable coverage option for your day. Generally though, 9-10 hours will be ideal if your day is classically structured. I have a really helpful Sample Timeline PDF that I’d be super happy to email you, so feel free to get in touch!

Q: Are we able to meet with you before we book?

A: Absolutely! A pre-wedding consultation is a fantastic opportunity to feel out your photographer and for each of us to decide whether we’re the right fit. It also a great chance to tell me a bit about your story, your plans for the big day and to ask all of the questions that you might have. 

Q: When are you available to meet?

A: I try to meet with new couples on Tuesday or Thursday nights if it’s local, or as we’re all available if that doesn’t work.

Q: We are unable to meet with you prior to our wedding, is that a problem?

A: No problem at all. You won't be the first of my couples who I've met for the first time on their wedding day, and their photos have been amazing and we were as much friends by the end of the day as we would have been if we met before hand. If meeting simply can't work logistically, we can always catch up over the phone or via Skype.

Q: What is the payment schedule?

A: A 50% non refundable deposit/ booking fee is required for me to reserve your date and the balance is due no later than 2 weeks before the event date. 

Q: if we cancel the wedding, will we receive our DEPOSIT/ booking fee back?

A: No. Once your deposit is received, your date is reserved and I am unable to accept new couples for your date as bookings are generally made a year or more in advance.

Q: If we change our wedding date, are we able to use our booking fee/ deposit towards a future date?

A: No, though this is taken on a case by case basis. The reason for cancelling your original date and availability are taken into account. Also, if rates change from the original date to the new date, new rates will apply.

Q: What happens if you can no longer make our wedding date?

A: If I become unavailable on the date of your wedding for any reason I will notify you of the change as soon as it is known and make every effort to provide another photographer of equivalent skills or provide a refund, whichever is your choice.

Adams Peak country estate in Broke the Hunter Valley by Blue Mountains wedding photographer Joshua Witheford


Q: How do you present yourself on the day of our wedding?

A: I dress as a guest would, so typically I'm in smart casual attire that lets me be as active as I need to be on the day. A leather or suede shoe, trousers and either a long or short sleeve collared shirt depending on the time of year and temperature on the day.

Q: What type of camera and equipment do you use?

A: I carry a pair of Canon 5D mk3 camera bodies, an assortment of Canon professional L series prime lenses and a small lighting kit.

Q: What if your camera, lens or lights break on the day?

A: I carry multiples of everything so you can be assured that no matter what happens on the day, nothing is going to affect my ability to continue photographing you having the best day of your life!

Q: How do you ensure our photos stay safe and aren’t lost at the end of the day?

A: My system enables me to write photos to 2 professional grade memory cards at the same time throughout the day creating a running backup of every photo taken. These backups are removed from my cameras before leaving after the reception and carried separately to the cameras until everything is tucked in safe and sound back at the office.

Q: What if we want you to stay longer than the contracted time?

A: You may want me to stay on for any number of reasons. The day may be running behind schedule or you might simply have decided that you want that newlywed farewell photographed after all! Beyond my contracted period, it's possible to have me stay on at a per hour rate of $300 rounded forward to the nearest 1 hour.

Q: How many people should we expect in your team on the day?

A: I occasionally work with one assistant on the day. They are there to take care of things like parking the car when travelling between locations throughout the day, wrangling lenses & the camera bag as well as styling details while I focus on photographing you on your big day! The venues and plans for the day will determine whether it's just me, or I have an assistant and I'll confirm that with you near to the time of booking. There is no additional fee for an assistant on the day, though a meal at the end of the day would mean the world!

Bride and groom in vineyard at Estate Tuscany Hunter Valley during sunset by Blue Mountains wedding photographer Joshua Witheford


Q: When will we receive our photos?

A: Typically within 4-6 weeks of your wedding day. I will do everything I can to get you your photos as soon as possible!

Q: How will we receive our DIGITAL photos?

A: Your photos will be available for viewing, downloading and sharing from your own personal online gallery.

Q: Will you provide the RAW files?

A: Each package comes with full resolution images. To ensure that a quality finished product is delivered, as a rule I don't provide RAW un-processed digital files as I will often be shooting with the end (post-produced) product in mind. On occasion, however, I may provide RAW images along with finished JPG's with restrictions for an additional fee.

Q: Do you deliver every image you shoot?

A: No, I don't. I edit out duplicate images, test shots, missed focus shots, shots that may have bad expressions etc. Often multiple frames are taken at a moment in a wedding to ensure the best expressions are captured.

Q: How many images will we receive?

A: At a minimum you will receive 30 photos per hour of photographic coverage. Generally speaking though, 50+ photos per hour of photographic coverage is the norm.

Q: What ARE WE able to do with the photos that you've provided?

A: Digital files and prints may be reproduced, printed, put into albums and shared amongst friends, family, online and across social media for personal use only.


A: You can’t sell your photos, use them in commercial applications, for example, on websites promoting goods or services, this includes sharing photos with other wedding vendors; unless additional uses have been negotiated and agreed on in writing prior. I will work with other wedding vendors directly to provide them with images for use on their social media.

Q: What if we lose our digital images?

A: Your photos will be kept and archived for 5 years, though, with the advent of future technologies and other possible circumstances out side of my control, I'm not able to guarantee file availability or compatibility. There is a $50 charge for additional downloads once the event has been archived. Be sure to make at least one copy of your downloaded photos and store them somewhere off your computer. I’d also recommend printing your photos using archival ink and papers, that way you’ve got a hard copy should anything happen to your digital photos and you'll get way more enjoyment out of them!

The cliffs and Sydney harbour from manly pavilion after sunset by Blue Mountains wedding photographer Joshua Witheford


Q: We are having a destination wedding, will you travel?

A: Absolutely, I love travelling! While I'm based in the Blue Mountains, I work with couples all over, whether that be out of town, interstate or overseas. Have a look at my About Page to learn more and see some of the places we’ve visited recently.

Q: Do you charge more for destination weddings?

A: Not at all. Destination wedding packages are the same as regular wedding packages, though may include the cost of travel and reasonable accomodation. Though, if I’m already visiting the area you’re getting married or you’re location is super high on my list of dream locations, like the outback, there may be very little or no additional travel costs, so make sure you get in touch!

Q: What are destination photography travel costs?

A:  Additional travel costs may include either airfares, baggage, airport parking, accomodation, rental car, vendor meals or a per diem

Q: who books all of that, us or you?

A: Typically I will, though, if you would like to arrange any part of the travel bookings, be it flights or accomodation for any reason, I only ask that you send me all of the information ahead of time so that I may approve details like flight times, transfers, stopovers etc. Generally, you're already organising enough for your wedding day so I'll take care of my travel plans at this end and simply include the cost in your quote/ invoice.

Q: Our wedding is only a few ours drive from Sydney, is there a travel fee?

A: The first 2hrs drive is free, there might be an extra fee for travel after that, which covers the need for extra fuel or accomodation if needed. If your wedding is out of town, get in touch and I'll happily send you a quote.